Friday, December 9, 2011

Tonight, Tonight....

We've been given the all clear to "room in" with Sophia tonight!  She has been a champion feeder, and even though she lost a little bit of weight last night, they are not concerned at all.  I was getting ready to feed her last night, and she scared all of us by taking a yank on her feeding tube (it's just threaded down her nose into her belly and taped to her face) and pulling it out about an inch.  As I was calling the nurse over, and before I could stop her, Sophia reached up, grabbed the little tube and yanked the entire thing out of her stomach and nose.  Of course, I just about died when I saw the entire thing come out, but the nurses decided it was just her way of telling us that she was done having to be fed through it, so she was done having it in her nose.  They decided to leave it out since they were going to pull it out anyways... but what a scary moment for me!!

So, Sophia basically has one foot out the door and has her other toe tiptoeing out as well.  David and I will stay in a hospital room with Sophia by ourselves (no monitors, no nurses, just oxygen) and feed her all her feedings, do all of her care, etc. overnight.  It's optional for parents to do this in the 24-48 hours before they are discharged, but we would not pass up an opportunity to spend the night with one of our girls.  This will also enable us to go in for some of Annabel's late night feedings that we usually miss.  We are very excited!

Annabel is doing well, too. She did have one feeding gavaged (force fed down the tube) last night because she "didn't wake up."  So this morning, the neonatologist was doing her rounds and decided to also make Annabel an ad lib feeder--she gets fed as much as she wants when she wakes up instead of making her wake up every three hours and take a certain amount.  They just give us a minimum amount she has to drink in a 12 hour period.  For now, she still has her feeding tube, and she's still just as precious as can be.

Say a little prayer for us that Sophia gains some weight tonight and that we have a successful first night alone with one of our little ones!


  1. Oh how exciting! I hope the night goes well for you and that Annabel's feeding picks up speed soon. Can't wait for both girls to be home with you!

  2. I think Sophia is going to be a little spit-fire!She's already given stink-eye to her sister, nudged Annabel out of 1st place, & now she's ripped out her feeding tube! I hope you have a good night with your precious baby girls.