Friday, April 13, 2012

4 Month Letter

Annie and Sophie,

Four months.  A third of a year with you girls!  And yet, it seems as if you’ve been a part of my life all along.  Which, in theory, I suppose you have been, but my goodness, who would have ever thought I would end up with two of the most perfect, most beautiful, and most unique little girls? I am so in love with you both.

Your fourth month has been so exciting.  You have blossomed into your own personalities more than ever, and they are so separate and so distinctive from one another.  Yes, you are twins, and you both were born on the same day, but that is almost where the similarities stop! 

Annabel, you are feisty!  You have maintained your nickname “Hell’s Bells,” but don’t worry, we say it with the most affection possible.  You have very high HIGHS, but you also have some low LOWS.  When you wake up in the morning, you grunt and coo.  You very rarely cry in the morning, so it’s one of my favorite times with you.  You love to nurse in the morning and hold on to me as you eat, and you almost always wake up before sissy Sophie.  You are a pretty voracious eater.  You are so loud when you eat that you wake your daddy up if he is still sleeping!  You love the endless supply of milk when you nurse, but you still take a few bottles a day and eat those just as eagerly.  When you are done eating in the morning, you are so full of smiles.  I prop you up so you can see me while Sophie eats, and you just have endless smiles.  The fun thing about your smiles is that it changes your entire face.  You stare intently, and when you see something that makes you smile, your entire face lights up.  Your eyes brighten, your face relaxes, and you can’t help but stick your tongue out when you smile!  It’s also pretty easy to get you to smile, but your very favorite thing is your colorful doll.  Anytime we bring that out to play with, there is an endless array of smiles. (Do you see a theme? When you smile, you smmmillleeee!)  We always attach it to your carseat when we go out, and when it catches your eye, you will smile and talk to it for several minutes.  No other toy can compare to the dolly!  On the other hand, daddy says you have very strong lungs.  When you get upset, you don’t whimper, you scream.  I mean, SCREAM.  Grandpa says that when you cry, he doesn’t mind picking you up, but it is like bringing the speaker up to your ear!  Your screaming fits are directly correlated to two things: sleeping or eating.  You are either REALLY hungry when you scream, or you have hit your wall and are ready to sleep. Something I love so much about you is your hair.  It is coming in fast and furious!  The only thing is that it sticks STRAIGHT up!  You are getting so much of it, and it’s only a matter of time before it collapses under its own weight, but for now, we giggle at your stick straight hair standing right up.  Annie, you also love the tv. We don’t leave it on very often, but sometimes when we are watching a show at night, you will crane your head to see whatever is on.  This morning, daddy was showing you some cartoons, and you watched very intently!  Another big thing this month is that you have gotten so, so close to rolling over!  One night, daddy went to change your diaper, and you were trying to turn yourself over on the changing table, so we brought you over to the living room floor, totally naked (because you love to be naked), and set you on a blanket.  You tried to roll and turn yourself for at least 20 minutes.  You never quite made it all the way over, but you are so close!  My Belly, I love you so, so much.  You are my little cuddle bug, always nuzzling your face into my arm, my chest, or my shoulder, and I just can’t believe how quickly you have grown up in the last month.

Oh sweet Sophia, my Mount Saint Sophia.  You have also held on to your nickname, but your spitting is getting better!  And my goodness, you are the sweetest little Sophia I have ever met.  Your big blue eyes make people smile every time they see them.  You are a very calm, mellow baby most of the time.  You usually wake up a little bit after Annabel and patiently wait your turn to eat.  You look all over with those big eyes and make little talking noises.  You almost never cry in the morning, even if you have to wait 15 or 20 minutes to eat.  You love when we give you a little illegal break from your brace in the morning to nurse.  Daddy will usually take it off of you for a few minutes before you nurse, and you kick your legs as hard as you can for nearly that whole time.  It must feel so good to have your legs and hips free.  You are a mellow eater, too.  You eat your fill, and then stop, usually taking only about half the time that your sister takes, but you always eat your full bottle, taking about double the time your sister takes!  You haven’t really developed a preference to a specific toy quite yet, though you like things that are black and white.  Your favorite place to be is….the changing table ! You can be so upset, and if we put you on the table to change your diaper, you always give us a big smile and start your sweet talking.  Your cry is kind of like a kittens purr with a little bit of added spunk to it.  It’s a sad, sad cry that makes everyone feel like something is so wrong, even if it’s just that you are getting tired.  Speaking of tired, you will fall asleep just about anywhere when you are ready.  One day, you were playing with Annie in the Pack N Play, and I went to the bathroom.  When I returned, you were fast asleep while Annie played.  Sophie, you thrilled us this month by LAUGHING.  Actually laughing!  A hearty, big chuckle.  The first  time you did it was when daddy was playing with you.  We actually got it on video, but it’s kind of a silly video because mommy is so giddy with excitement that she sounds funny, and Annie is in the background crying.  But it’s still so special to me that we caught your first laughs on camera.  Since then, you don’t laugh often, but when you do, it’s so fun!  It’s often when you are on the changing table, and you laughed for grandpa when he was playing with you and your bug toy on the couch.  Aside from laughing, you love to talk.  You seem to have full on conversations sometimes.  It’s hard to catch you talking on camera because you really only talk to people, and when the camera gets brought out, you get so distracted by it.  You smile often, but it is a little bit more work to get you to smile, but I think that just means that you really, really mean it when you smile! Sopapilla, you are such a sweet girl, and I love you so dearly.  I pray everyday that when we go to the orthopedist on April 6, Dr. Hamblin will tell you that you can wear your brace only at night and nap times so that we can cuddle more efficiently and you can kick your legs more often, like you love to do so much. I love you ever so much my sweet sissy.

I have enjoyed this last month more than any other month!  You both love to play in between naps, and you have really developed a routine.  You eat, play, and sleep, and it’s pretty predictable.  We play on the floor, in the pack n play, in your Bumbos, on the Boppys, etc.  We read a LOT of books, and both of you now pay attention to the books and look at the pictures.  Sometimes you will even swat at the book.  Mommy has a song for just about every activity.  In the mornings we sing “Good morning, good morning, it’s a good, good, good, good morning.  We say “hello” and “how do you do?”  Hugs and kisses and handshakes, too. Good morning, good morning, it’s a good, good, good, good morning.”  I think you are starting to recognize it because as soon as I start singing it, you both light up.  

One of my favorite things is bathtime.  Both of you were having a bit of a hard time with baths.  The problem was that you loved them so much that it was just pure torture for you to have to get out of them.  So, I started taking a bath with you in the big bathtub in our master bedroom.  You both love this even more.  It’s like you are swimming!  So, I always sing to you “Swimming, swimming, in the big bathtub. Annabel (or Sophie) is swimming in the big bathtub.”  You very rarely cry now when you get out of the bathtub.  I can’t wait to bring you in the pool because I know you are going to absolutely love it.

You need baths pretty regularly because you have a habit of endlessly sucking on your hands.  At first I thought it was because you were hungry, but now I think you have just discovered a new part of your body.  You are both also grabbing onto rattles if we wrap your fingers around them.  You need that help still, but seem to do a good job of holding on once you have it.  Tummy time is improving, though you still much prefer to do it sitting in the Boppy.  I like to have you face one another so that you have something fun to look at, but you haven’t quite caught each other’s eyes.  You also love sitting in your Bumbos!

 I have to admit that I also take a LOT of pictures of you every day.  Now when you smile, you both get so genuinely excited that you can’t help but bring your hands up to your face in excitement. Sometimes you hide your face with your hands when you smile big, almost like your shy, but I’m pretty sure neither of you will be shy.  If you’re not bringing your hands to your face, you are flapping them a million miles a minute, which makes it very hard to get a good picture of both of you…there is always a blurred hand, foot, or face in most pictures!  

You both sleep from about 8pm-7am and have ever since your dad went on a business trip to Las Vegas about three weeks ago.  Grandma Dingo stayed with me, but I was still so nervous to be alone with both of you for that many nights!  You shocked me by sleeping like angels and deciding that you would love to nurse in the morning instead of me having to warm up bottles and feed you at the same time. Another huge milestone you reached this month was sleeping in your cribs for naps.  Annabel, you had a fussy spell when daddy was in Las Vegas (I will never forget the Red Robin Meltdown of 2012), and I ended up taking you to see Dr. Kiley, since you also had some congestion.  She told me it was time to start having you sleep for naps in your rooms instead of the swing, Rock N Play, or my arms.  It was hard as first, but mostly for mommy.  As soon as we put your braces on and swaddle your arms, you usually only fuss and talk for a few minutes before falling asleep.  Somebody always runs down the hallway to your room for the job of reinserting your pacifier until you fall asleep.  Grandma and I got you each a crib toy, and you both love them.  They really help you fall asleep, and you love staring at them. 

I celebrated my first birthday as a mom this month, and I was so glad that you both got to be a part of it!  You helped daddy make me a present—imprints of your feet!  Daddy said that Sophia is the artist of the family.  We also went and had cupcakes and went shopping for my birthday.  You did GREAT until we tried to go have dinner.  Then Sophia had a major blowout, and Annie had a major meltdown,  and we frantically asked for our dessert TO GO, please, and hightailed it out of there!  No big deal. I still had a great time celebrating with my little family.

Speaking of blow outs, you graduated from your newborn All in One diapers, and you are now able to wear pretty much all of the cloth diapers we have for you.  We haven’t had any problems with them, and you don’t seem to mind them one bit.

I am getting this out a bit late, although I really did have most of it done on your 4 month birthday.  But, let’s face it, my little four month olds are A LOT of work, but for the most part, it’s all fun work!  I love you to pieces, my darlings!